Gellius et Plutarchus

I am publishing this here in case someone out there is interested in the topic and happens to google it.

In May 2012 I started to work on a rather vague project entitled „Homo in disciplinis gravi auctoritate. Plutarch in the Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius”, for which in 2014 I even received a little grant thanks to the generosity of the Lanckorońscy Foundation. I’ve collected loads of material, but I’ve not published anything so far. The problem turned out to be (even) broader than I’d expected, far beyond my expertise, impossible to fit in my schedule, and so I left it aside for these last years. However, I intend to do something with it again and so I’ll be more than happy to co-operate, or at least stay in touch.

Now there is this paper by professor Francisco García-Jurado, which I’ve found recently, where he says:


What he’s suggesting has been precisely my intention. I wouldn’t, however, limit the investigation to the Moralia, since the Vitae seem to be of no less importance, and so is the general context of ancient scholarly and symposiastic literature (see, e.g. Keulen 2004, p. 225 f.) – but, of course, one must start with something, and prof. García-Jurado’s suggestion is an obvious choice.

It seems that I’m still completely booked for other projects for the next couple of years, but at least I would like to keep a diary of bibliography and ideas, which might as well be here in this blog, so that at least it serves others in the meantime. For now there is a category called „Gellius et Plutarchus” to keep things in order.

So. Anyone, anything?



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